July 9, 2018 | Lazaro Marganon
Getting ready for school is exciting and lots of fun. For some children it’s not so pleasant getting up early and rushing to school on time. Some are going to school for the first time and some are coming back from summer holidays. Some are experiencing new environment and some are catching up with old friends and teachers and looking forward for their new year ahead.  

Getting ready for the school needs a lot of adjustment in routine not only for the kids but for parents as well. Parents need to prepare children for school in a variety of ways. Buying those attractive school bags, lunchboxes and water bottles, kids like to shop for these things and are excited to show them to their new fellows or to their old friends. Putting their favorite cartoon stickers on their books will bring smile on their face. Children like to shop for their things getting new uniform, shoes and bags is fun and excitement for them.

Parents need to get ready first for their kid’s new beginning of academic year. They should plan routine in advance a few weeks before the school start so that kids get used to it naturally. Telling nice stories about school, encouraging them to make new friends, helping them share things, training them for the world challenges will help them when they get back to school.

Morning routine is something which is not liked by children. So helping them sleep earlier and getting up early will help them catch the school routine. Making breakfast and lunch of their choice and appreciating their efforts will encourage them. Make it fun with different waking up strategies like  calling it “a race” will bring children in high gear, or sometimes push them by saying “ oHHH you are winning from me “ I need to get fast, such activities will help them enjoy getting up and dressing up fast.

In the beginning of new academic year teachers plan different fun activities which not only encourage children to be punctual and regular but also motivate them. Such activates are useful for new comers and the old one to get start there new academic year with fun. Children like to express their feelings when given opportunity in a free environment so most of the times the activities are planned to know about the children requirements. Decorating classrooms, making holiday memory book, planning New academic Year with teacher and class fellows, fun games with new friends and welcome party is liked by all children.  This helps the teacher to organize their study plan with some fun or with any experiment which keeps the children motivated. When children meet other children of their age they soon forget about difficulties and problems. So it is very important for the teachers and the parents to develop an environment which is new, exciting and fun filled goal for them. This will encourage them and push them to take all the challenges of everyday life.

School Calendar Info

Duval County - 2018-2019 District Calendar    First Day: August 13th
Clay County - 2018-2019 District Calendar  First Day: August 14th
St. John’s County –  2018-2019 District Calendar  First Day: August 10th
Nassau County – 2018-2019 District Calendar  First Day: August 10th
Baker County –  2018-2019 District Calendar  First Day: August 10th
Putnam County –  2018-2019 District Calendar  First Day: August 13th


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